Taqueria Molcajetes



Price Range : $11-30 ($$)

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Adress: 1195 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Phone: (707) 544-8280

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  • Roxanne S.

    star star star star star 14 April 2021

    I recently became a vegetarian, and Mexican food is still my favorite.  They have lots of choices here, and I think it's a good value compared with the other places in town, plus I have never been disappointed with the food.  I'm making an effort to start listing my favorite places to go, and this is definitely one of them.  They actually have the "Fine Mexican Food" that some others only claim to have.  

    It has been mentioned in some reviews that the prices have gone up since the restaurant was featured on Guy Fieri's show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  That's kind of par for the course, and I'm happy to follow Guy around to all of the local Northern California spots because he knows good food! (Look for an upcoming review on Gorilla Barbecue in Pacifica, another favorite.) There are still some good deals to be had, especially for vegetarians like myself.  I usually get a cheese enchilada combo with the rice and beans.  Since I'm a bad vegetarian (not so much into salads), I frequently get one of the kid's meals since I don't need salad, sour cream, guacamole and all that stuff.  They have a kid's meal that is one cheese enchilada, rice and beans, and it's only $4.99! (See my photos.) And they don't give you a hard time about not being a kid, either...

    The cheese enchiladas are great, the beans are excellent, and the rice is super tasty, almost like a version of Rice-A-Roni - it is very flavorful!  Someone else mentioned a decent-sized Bean & Cheese Burrito, also for $4.99.  I will probably try that next.  Another person had said something about not getting the cheese they wanted on a dish.  The trick is to order everything exactly how you want it when you first place your order.  I always tell them exactly what I want and don't want right from the start.  They get my order right 90% of the time, and if they don't, they will correct it.  I always get my cheese!

    When I was still eating meat, I used to sometimes get the carne asada tacos and they were awesome, both lean and flavorful.  I have never tried the Molcajetes, but if I were still eating meat, I definitely would.  They look wonderful, and most of the time when people leave, there is nothing left in the bottom of the cup!

    The service here is friendly, and the staff is very nice.  I try to be unobtrusive when taking pictures, but since the one chef didn't mind posing for a pic, I asked him to smile big for us!  They also have polite ways of letting you know what time it is.  They close at 9:45 to be out of there by 10 o'clock.  When I showed up at 9:30, the waitress brought me my meal in a bag.  I got the hint and took it with me.  They gave me a good-sized portion, too, so I was happy nonetheless when I got home.

  • Tyffani S.

    star star star star star_border 5 April 2021

    This is a fantastic place for great, authentic Mexican food!  I am an Al Pastor freak- and this place has the best I've found in Sonoma County so far.  On weekends they have the juicy pork spinning around on the vertical broiler and serving it up on handmade tortillas.  So good!!

    I've only had tacos here- with rice & beans- which are also very flavorful.  I haven't had a molcajete- yet!!  But they look good and they're huge.  I gotta come back when I'm hungrier!

    One warning- the food tends to be on the spicy side here.  Wimpy palates beware!

    I highly recommend this place for a tasty, casual, authentic experience.

  • Randi C.

    star star star_border star_border star_border 3 April 2021

    Overrated. After hearing amazing reviews for months I finally ordered some Al Pastor tacos for lunch. We had tried calling in order pickups three times before (during open hours) but no one answered the phone. Today we got lucky.

    Tacos were so heavily saturated in oil that the undercooked undercooked tortillas were mushy, broken, and nearly inedible. This was such a bummer because the only thing that tasted authentic was the few chunks of nearly raw tortilla I was able to scoop up with my fork. In fact, I had to use a fork to eat the tacos as they completely fell apart before I took my first bite. Seasoning was extremely bland. Color was off (I read a review that said they use red food dye on al pastor?!?). Chunks of unchewable gristle was mixed in, which, I expect some in pastor, but definitely not the size and quantity in this mix. I had two salsas on the side and dumped both on to try to add flavor. By the time is turned my three tacos into a soup with additional salsas, and removed all the pieces of gristle I could find, the tacos were unrecognizable. Ive never had to work so hard to enjoy tacos. Tacos are life!

    Overall-extremely unimpressed. Will stick to my primary taqueria going forward.

  • Jennifer L.

    star star star star star_border 25 March 2021

    Wow! When the comments say to order to-go food ahead of time, they are not kidding! I'm here out of town for work and needed to pick a few things up from the grocery store and saw this place next door. I decided to place an order to go then run to the grocery store real quick. By time I got back I still had to wait almost 40 minutes for my food--two enchiladas with rice and beans. When I placed my order there was no line, but there were people sitting at tables inside. By time my food was done, the line was out the door and you almost had to push your way out to leave. It was crazy. There was no where to really stand without everyone being in each other's way. It was a Sunday evening around 7pm so I'm not sure if it's always like this, but dang! If so, I'm surprised they don't just have people seat themselves and take orders at tables and have a wait list in place so people can go outside. No way they were not wayyy over fire code capacity.

    But anyway, the order came with free chips even though it was to go. The salsa bar had a decent variety and the one I got was good. I got the last two salsa cups, so be aware that might be an issue. I'm sure they would have restocked if I asked, but it was so busy and I was done waiting.

    The enchiladas were okay, but nothing worth waiting 40 minutes over. Price was very reasonable and would be typical at most Mexican walk up places. The horchata though was the worst I've ever had. I ended up dumping it because it was not worth walking back into that crowded place (it only cost $2 though so itd he worth it if it tasted right). Wayyy to much mix and not enough water or mixing. It was undrinkable with how gritty it was and I LOVE horchata. Someone should be tasting it before sending it out like that. Literally disgusting. Lol

    Overall, I give it a 4 because it was so busy and all the staff seemed to be trying. The food itself was worth the price. If I went during an off hour I would have been happy and I'm sure I could have gotten the horchata issue sorted out. If I lived here though I'd never go again in the evening or a weekend or without calling 30 minutes ahead to go.

    Good luck!

  • Joe G.

    star star star star star_border 21 March 2021

    Hole in the wall looking from outside but surprisingly plenty of room inside. They have outdoor seating, about 6-7 tables, inside there are tables and booths and also a bar area where you can eat.

    Wifey and I came in at 6:30 last Friday, there was a line that extended out the door but it was moving fast. Plenty of my fellow latinos in line...always a good indicator of good mexican food.

    I ordered the chile verde plate and wifey went with a carne alsada burrito.
    My plate was huge, see the pic, could only eat half the plate, and it came with 5-6 torts! Beans and rice were good, the pork was very tender, I was not a big fan of the sauce. It was not bad, it was a raw jalapeno sauce, I much prefere a roasted sauce. I get it, it is a way faster process to go with the raw sauce. Wifey's carne alsada was very good, I had order envy!

    Very suprised how fast our food came out, between 5 and 10 mins.

    They have a good salsa bar with a wide variety of salsas.

    I'm a fan, this place may have just become my go to for Mexican food, would loved to explore the menu!

    We will be back.

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